Brand launch kits

A unique collection to celebrate our reimagined brand


The brand launch kit is a limited-edition collection of items created just for Citrix employees. The kits are one way we’re celebrating what our brand is becoming and to say thank you for being part of it.

The one-of-a-kind items in the kit are unique representations of our new brand, designed to create space in your workday, whether you’re working from home or transitioning back to the office.


Our world is more immersive than everAnd to excel, we’re committed to modernizing our approach to brand through more immersive experiences. So, we commissioned Simon Pyke, sound luminary who’s collaborated with the likes of Universal Everything and Warp Records, to compose this custom soundtrack designed to accompany you through your workday and untap latent creative potential 

The physical album honors the past, while the Spotify playlist looks to the future. A bridge from old to new, symbolizing our transformation as a brand. This piece marks the beginning of our exploration into sonic branding—and is just one way we’re modernizing our brand to thrive in an experience-driven world. 

We designed the album (yes, it really does play!) to be a keepsake that you can display as a piece of art on your desk or wall. 


Display this poster featuring a visual overview of our brand’s key elements in your background for video calls. You can frame it, but you don’t have to—we designed it to be durable enough to withstand repositioning and bright lights.  


It takes a village to build a brand. And when it comes to some of our more prominent visual elements, it’s no different. These limited-edition prints celebrate collaborations with various partners and artists who helped bring our new brand to life, including Matt Blease (illustration)Colors and the Kids (3D art)and Athletics (logo).  

Each kit contains three prints you can display on your desk or wall. The designs vary by kit. If you don’t get a particular design you were hoping for, we suggested reaching out to your peers to see if anyone is willing to trade. 


We created five variations of the pin to reflect what our compact mark represents—the individuality and diversity of our community. Sport it on any jacket, sweater, shirt, or vest for video calls, whether you’re working from home or in the office 


It may look like an ordinary journal on the outside. But it’s full of surprises on the inside. The flipbook-style animation of our compact mark symbolizes our shift from being a static brand to a more dynamic, motion brand.  

Because no two people work the same way, we used a dot grid rather than traditional lines so you can take notes or sketch. And to remind you to create space in your day, we peppered in some lighthearted interstitial pages.  

Sticker pack

Personalize anything you want with a variety of puffy, vinyl transfer, and traditional stickers featuring our logo, compact mark, and Matt Blease illustrations. Tip: when applying a vinyl transfer sticker, peel back the clear film and “transfer” the design onto your item of choice.  

Additional items

While the kit was a special one-time, limited-edition package, we have more items for sale in the Citrix Shop. We’re also planning to make new variations of these items in the future. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see in the shop, send us a message.


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What are the brand launch kits, and how do I get one?

To celebrate our new brand identity, we offered all employees a free, limited-edition brand launch kit to help engage with our new brand experience. All full-time employees were eligible to sign up between July 30 and August 21, 2020. 

Unfortunately, these kits were a limited run, so you won’t be able to get these exact items. But if you missed this opportunity, check out the Citrix Shop to order your own Citrix swag.  

Why were these particular items chosen for the brand launch kit?

Your brand launch kit is a thoughtfully curated collection created just for Citrix employees. Each item is a nod to where our brand is headed and designed to give you space in your day. You can read specifics about each item here.

I received my brand kit and some of the items were damaged in transit, what should I do?

If you have any issues with your brand kit, please send an email with photos to [email protected]

Can I regift some of the items from my brand kit if I don’t have a use for them?

Absolutely! We understand that not everyone may have a use for all the items in your brand kit. We encourage you to offer any items that don’t speak to you to a local colleague— especially any new team members who didn’t have an opportunity to sign up. Also, because some designs vary with a few items, you can offer to trade items if you’re looking for a particular design. 

I mistakenly shipped my brand kit to my local Citrix office. How do I get it?

Please contact your local Facilities team to request they either hold your kit until you’re eligible to return to the office or request that they forward your kit to your home address.  

I love my items! Where can I show them off?

You can share your brand kit on social media (please use #CitrixLife), and we’d love to see your pictures in the #citrixlife channel on Slack, too.  

Now that kits have shipped, when will mine arrive?

Your kit should arrive by Monday, June 7, 2021.  It may take longer in some countries because of customs, distance from our warehouses, or delays due to the pandemic.  If you haven’t received your kit by June 7, please email our supplier, Bamko, at [email protected], and they will be able to share the status of your delivery. Please try Bamko first, as the Brand team doesn’t have tracking information. However, we are here to help if you have additional questions. 

Are these items available for purchase in the Citrix Shop?

The brand kits are limited-edition, so these exact items will not be available for purchase. However, you may see items of a similar nature offered in the future. Check out the Citrix Shop to order your own Citrix-branded merchandise. We’d love to hear your requests for merch, as well.  

Still have a question? Send us a message.