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The Citrix blog provides valuable information, announcements, and insights to our customers, prospects, employees, and industry experts.

While we encourage all employees to write posts, the social media team reviews all submissions and determines which ones are eligible for publication. Posts must adhere to the Citrix Social Media Guidelines and the Citrix Code of Business Conduct.  
Please review the following tips when writing your post.
Do’s and don’ts


Remember that you represent Citrix as an employee author.

Be authentic. 

Be factual. 

Be technical if needed, but always communicate business value. 

Seek out and be receptive to feedback.

Think of your reader first.

Be respectful in responding to comments, and reply promptly.

Tread carefully with negative comments. However, if a negative comment poses a legitimate complaint or raises a valid issue, responding to that comment can be a great opportunity to change hearts and minds.


Assume your reader has the same background knowledge as you.

Share proprietary or confidential content.

Share customer wins unless approved by Customer Marketing.

Share quarterly information before an earnings call.

Share data that isn’t publicly communicated by Citrix.

Be sarcastic—it doesn’t translate well in writing.

Get personal, take anything personally, or react inappropriately when responding to comments.
Engage with a comment if someone is clearly trying to pick a fight.

Use images (including company logos and stock photos) that Citrix doesn’t own or have the rights to use.

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