A fresh identity

Our reimagined brand celebrates what’s possible when people have the space they need to do their best work

Our brand evolution

For 30 years, millions of people have relied on our technology to securely access their apps and content from anywhere. Our new identity reflects the next step in our evolution—our commitment to helping organizations unlock the full potential of their people through an enriched employee experience.

The future of work is personal

We believe the future of work is contingent upon technology’s ability to empower each individual with the space they need to think. Space to explore. Space to grow. Space to breathe.

We believe nothing unlocks human potential like giving people space.

Citrix helps organizations create an environment where people are free to do more of what they love and less busywork. Just imagine, what could you do with one more hour in a day? One more day in a week?


A new human-inspired logo

Lighter, rounded letters warm up and modernize our iconic wordmark. The subtle gesture of the dot moving over the X to depict a human-like form illustrates our commitment to empowering every individual.

Our compact mark

A new dynamic mark celebrates the diversity and individuality of our community.

What personal success looks like

Our photography is honest, optimistic, and spacious. It emphasizes diverse workstyles, showing what people can accomplish when they have the space to succeed.

a creative woman working outside

Drawing from everyday wonder

Our illustrations find the magic in even the smallest moments of the workday.

We keep it real

Our new identity, from our color palette to our voice, is warm and personable because we treat our customers as partners, not as business opportunities.