Identity principles

These principles set the foundation for our brand identity. Use them to guide your decisions when creating branded communications—ensuring a consistent experience for our audiences.

Single system for a broad ecosystem 

A set of brand elements and clear usage rules make up a system for both physical and digital applications—keeping our brand expressions clear, consistent, and coherent.

Dynamic down to the DNA

Modern brands move. In the digital world, nothing is static. Our kinetic brand elements draw our audiences closer and reinforce our position as a developer of cutting-edge workspace technologies.

Space as a creative element

We create space by carefully considering not only what we put on the page but also what we choose to leave out. From design to copy, we want every external and internal manifestation of the Citrix brand to create a sense of reprieve from the noise, chaos, and distraction that defines the “old” way of working.

Humanistic, not mechanistic

Our approach is calm, considerate, and confident—never austere or severe. We always want to invite our partners to engage deeper with the Citrix brand. We are a fundamentally people-centric company. That’s why we always consider the emotional mindset of our audiences, as well as the intended emotional response to our communications.

A frame for success

We want to be a brand that never needs to shout because what we’re saying (and doing) is worth paying attention to. We primarily communicate our value by showing—not telling—what Citrix can do for people, organizations, and the world. Every communication should include actionable steps to make that a reality.