A rich and diverse range of colors for every expression

Our palette

Our color palette consists of five color families that work together to create a warm, personable aesthetic. Each family has six tints that you can use together to pace content and create depth.






Black & White


Color combinations

You can combine any shade within the same family.

Things to avoid

Color combinations applied vertically
Color combinations from different color families


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Can I modify or substitute the colors in our palette?

No, the colors in our palette are the only approved colors. The Brand team has conducted significant testing with teams across Citrix to make sure the colors will work across every application and medium. We’ve scrutinized the values for harmony, contrast, and reproducibility. However, prior to our September launch, please let us know if there are any issues by sending us a note in the messenger (blue button in the bottom right of the site).

Can I bring the color codes from our palette into Adobe Creative Suite applications?

Yes, you can cut and paste the color codes for the digital and print color palettes and bring them into Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Can the logo be in color?

Yes, but only under certain conditions. Please see the color usage guidance on the logo page.

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