Compact mark

A dynamic mark celebrating the diversity and individuality of our community

Compact mark overview

Our compact mark serves as shorthand for the Citrix logo—an informal gesture and introduction to the Citrix experience. It’s a dynamic, ever-changing mark that creates a visual metaphor for a collective of individuals.

While the logo is the primary symbol of our brand, the compact mark has more flexibility and can be used in places and in proportions that the logo can’t. However, the Citrix logo (or wordmark) always must be present elsewhere in the layout or on an item when the compact mark is used.

As we work to establish this new representation of our brand, the Brand team is evaluating all requests for use of the compact mark. This will ensure legal compliance as well as design integrity.  If you’d like to use it in your materials, please send us a message.

Motion vs. static

The compact mark is primarily a motion asset, which means you should use the animated version whenever possible. In motion, the compact mark can be expressed in unlimited ways.

When the medium does not allow for a motion application—such as on merchandise or in print applications—you may use any of the 10 static versions. There is no primary static version; each is of equal importance.

When a using static mark, you must use multiple variations of the mark within each application to enforce the ideas of individuality and diversity. For example, branded merchandise, like baseball caps, should use multiple compact marks from the suite.

Clear space

Clear space is the minimum amount of breathing room around our compact mark. Keep it free of graphics, text, and other marks. Clear space also defines the minimum distance from the compact mark to the edge of a digital or print layout.

The amount of the clear space is equal to the height of the “x” in the compact mark. Please follow the recommended minimum clear space to ensure maximum visibility.

Minimum size

For web and digital, the minimum size for our compact mark is 20 pixels high. For print, the minimum size is .125 inches (3.175 mm). To ensure legibility, do not use the compact mark smaller than the recommended minimum size.

Usage with the logo

You may use the compact mark and the logo together in a layout as long as you size and space the composition appropriately.

The compact mark and the logo must be the same height and spaced at least five “x” apart from each other.

This is an acceptable distance.

This is too close.

When the compact mark is the lead graphic, it must be at least two times the width of the logo.

User interface

You can apply the compact mark as an active user interface (UI) element to help users navigate Citrix products in smart, intuitive ways. They will be available as motion graphics to signal different states in our UI.



Three-dimensional compact marks are abstract representations that add tone and depth to the Citrix visual system. They convey what our brand stands for at the highest level and are not tied to any one subject.

Our 3D compact marks are predominantly reserved for premium usage, such as special events, out-of-home communications, and above-the-fold digital applications.

They are always cropped and never revealed in full.

3D assets should only be created by the Citrix Brand team. If you’d like to request a 3D asset, please send us a message.


The compact mark may be used in all colors of our palette:

  • Five color families (30 total colors)
  • Grays (6 versions)
  • Black and white

Visit the color page to see all the colors. With such a wide range of colors, it’s important to follow the color usage guidelines in the following sections.

Tone on tone

When applying a light-colored compact mark on a dark-colored background or vice versa, apply a 2-step difference to ensure sufficient contrast.

Compact mark and background color combinations must stay within their respective color family.

The compact mark in Purple 10 can sit on Purple 40, 50, or 60 backgrounds. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

The compact mark in Purple 60 can sit on Purple 10, 20, or 30 backgrounds. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

Black and white on color

A black or white compact mark can sit on all the palette colors with the following parameters:

The compact mark in black can sit on the 10, 20, and 30 values of each color. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

The compact mark in white can sit on the 40, 50, and 60 values of each color. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

Black on white or white on black

The compact mark can be black and sit on a white background, or vice versa.

Grays on black or white

The compact mark in Gray 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 can sit on a black background.

The compact mark in Gray 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 can sit on a white background.

Things to avoid

Don’t distort, skew, or rotate.
Don’t add effects or gradients.
Don’t change the size of the “head dot."
Don’t alter the dot placement.
Don’t use in a headline.
Don’t use other typefaces.
Don’t remove the “head dot."
Don’t place in any shape (except for the Citrix favicon).
Don’t place on photos.
Don't embed within the logotype.


Click a question below to see the answer.

Can I use the compact mark instead of the Citrix logo?

No, the Citrix logo (or wordmark) always must be present when the compact mark is used.

Can I use the compact mark to symbolize my team or group?

No, while the compact mark acts as a visual metaphor for a group of individuals, it’s not meant to represent one specific group or team.

Can I create my own version of the compact mark?

No, at this time, the Brand team has created one dynamic, animated mark that’s made up of 10 static versions, and these cannot be altered in any way.

Still have a question? Send us a message.