A lighthearted approach to portraying the ever-changing experience of the modern workforce

Hero illustration

We commissioned illustrator Matt Blease to create a series of hero illustrations that give our brand system a human, whimsical touch. They communicate our ideas on the future of work with observational humor and emotional intelligence.

These illustrations are reserved for communications that represent Citrix as a whole and aren’t tied to a single product, solution, or audience. Examples include brand advertising, product-agnostic social posts, and high-profile Citrix events. The Brand team is currently evaluating all requests to ensure alignment to these parameters.

More guidance on illustration color and animation will be coming soon. Until then, please contact the Brand team with any questions.

General-use illustration

Coming soon!


The illustrations may be used in all colors of our palette:

  • Five color families (30 total colors)
  • Grays (6 versions)
  • Black and white

Visit the color page to see all the colors. With such a wide range of illustration colors, it’s important to follow the color usage guidelines in the following sections.

Tone on tone

When applying an illustration on a colored background, apply a 2-step difference to ensure sufficient contrast.

Illustrations and background color combinations must stay within their respective color family.

Illustrations in Blue 60 can sit on Blue 10, 20, or 30 backgrounds. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

Black on color

Black illustrations can sit on all the palette colors with the following parameters:

The black illustrations can sit on the 10, 20, and 30 values of each color. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

Black on white

A black illustration can sit on a white background.

Grays on white

illustrations in Gray 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 can sit on a white background.

Things to avoid

Don't knock out of dark backgrounds.
Don't colorize.
Don't use low contrast color combinations.
Don't use at a small scale that is hard to understand.
Don't distort.


Click a question below to see the answer.

What illustrations are available?

Currently custom illustrations by Matt Blease are designed for high-level “brand moments” only (think Synergy keynote stage, brand campaign, top-level product UI, etc.). However, if you’d like to request use of any of these illustrations, please send us a note in the messenger window (blue compact mark in the bottom right of the site).

Where and how do I use illustration?

Illustrations are a great way to work with abstract ideas. Use illustration to convey high-level thinking, complex solutions, and concepts related to Citrix. Illustrations are often useful as part of the design language of events, which offer multiple design touchpoints, including signage and exhibits.

Still have a question? Send us a message.