Our reimagined logo is inspired by the individuals who benefit from our technologies

Logo overview

The Citrix logo is the primary identifier of our brand.

The dot situated over the “x” creates a subtle, simple human figure, echoing our commitment to giving every individual the space to succeed. The softened edges give our logo a friendlier and more modern feel.

The logo is both animated and static. There’s one static version but multiple animated versions. Use the static version for most applications; use one of the animated versions for videos and interactive experiences. Please contact the Brand team to discuss which animated version would be the best fit for your project.


Please note that after a period of time, a registered trademark symbol (®) will replace the trademark (™) symbol. The Brand team will communicate this change when it occurs.

Clear space

Clear space is the minimum amount of breathing room around our logo. Keep it free of graphics, text, and other marks. Clear space also defines the minimum distance from the logo to the edge of a digital or print layout.

The amount of the clear space is equal to the height of the “x” in the logo. Please follow the recommended minimum clear space to ensure maximum visibility.

Minimum size

For web and digital, the minimum size of our logo is 20 pixels high. The trademark (™) symbol should be removed when the logo height is less than 65 pixels high.

For print, the minimum size is .125 inches high. The trademark (™) symbol should be removed when the logo height is less than .25 inches high. It can also be removed for outdoor signage and billboards, and when the printing process (such as screen printing) will result in a lack of clarity.


The logo may be used in all colors of our palette:

  • Five color families (30 total colors)
  • Grays (6 versions)
  • Black and white

Visit the color page to see all the colors. With such a wide range of logo colors, it’s important to follow the color usage guidelines in the following sections.

Tone on tone

When applying a light-colored logo on a dark-colored background or vice versa, apply a 2-step difference to ensure sufficient contrast.

Logo and background color combinations must stay within their respective color family.

A logo in Teal 10 can sit on Teal 40, 50, or 60 backgrounds. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

A logo in Teal 60 can sit on Teal 10, 20, or 30 backgrounds. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

Black and white on color

Black and white logos can sit on all the palette colors with the following parameters:

The black logo can sit on the 10, 20, and 30 values of each color. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

The white logo can sit on the 40, 50, and 60 values of each color. (The same guidance applies to each color family.)

Black on white or white on black

The logo can be black and sit on a white background, or vice versa.

Grays on black or white

Gray 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 logos can sit on a black background.

Gray 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 logos can sit on a white background.


A lockup is a visual arrangement with our logo and certain product, solution, program, and customer-facing department names. Because logo lockups have market and legal implications, please don’t create your own. If you’d like to request a new lockup, reach out to the Brand team. For guidance on website headers, see the Web and UX guide.

Proportions, size, and spacing relationships

Program and initiative branding

Since the company has allocated significant resources into ensuring all positive perception is attributed to and associated with Citrix, very rarely will we deviate from promoting the core brand. Unless initiated at the executive level and paired with extensive and verified business strategy, programs and initiatives will not receive special or unique branding. Please refrain from requesting alternative logos, marks, or symbols other than Citrix logos or branding to represent what your team is doing.

Things to avoid

To ensure the integrity and legibility of our identity, don’t alter the logo in any manner.

Don’t distort, skew, or rotate the logo.
Don’t alter the dot placement.
Don’t remove the dots.
Don’t add effects or gradients.
Don’t use the logo in a headline or any other line of text.
Don’t place the logo in any shape.
Don’t change the size of the dots.
Don’t use any other typeface.
Don’t place the logo on photos with poor contrast.


Click a question below to see the answer.

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol made up of images and text used to identify a brand. Our logo is a wordmark, which means it includes only text, designed to convey who we are and what we bring to the world. Our logo is the primary identifier of our brand.

Are brand and logo the same thing?

No, a logo is only one part of a brand. It typically serves as the primary identifier of the brand.

Can the logo be in color?

Yes, but only under certain conditions. Please see the color usage guidance on the logo page.

How do I know which file format to use?

Use .eps files for printing and for images at large sizes. Use .png files on websites and in PowerPoint presentations. Scalable vector graphics files, or SVGs, are ideal for graphics on websites, including icons, simple line graphics, logos, and imagery that are repeated on a web page.

Are there Citrix logos for partner programs?

Yes, Citrix has created a system for expressing the Citrix brand in partner programs. You can find out more about the system on Partner Central or by contacting [email protected].

I am looking for a Citrix logo for my product or program. Can I have one created?

With our recent naming unification initiative, we’ve made a significant effort to place all branding emphasis on the Citrix brand, not individual products. However, we will be developing systems of badges or other graphical elements to represent specific programs. Please send us a note in the messenger window (blue compact mark in the bottom right of the site).

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