Capturing the diverse, changing landscape of the modern workforce

Photography overview

Our photography depicts a rich tapestry of people and situations made possible by Citrix’s innovative technologies.

Our style feels approachable, yet aspirational, illustrating what it looks like when people are untethered from their desks and reaping the benefits of widened horizons. Our photos are always inclusive, featuring people from every walk of life, every level in an organization, and every ethnicity, age, gender, and lifestyle.

Our approach embodies three core components: people, places, and possibilities.

People—natural environment

Images of people should feel authentic, optimistic, and candid, framing a real moment in time. We use natural light, in natural settings, wherever people work—from factories and fields to home offices and healthcare facilities.

We capture anyone who benefits from Citrix technology and conveys the individuality, diversity, and reality of our customers.

— Moment of focus
— Natural light (no hot flash)
— Natural moment
— Sense of place
— Alternate workplace
— Natural light
— Alternate workplace
— Unfussy composition
— Optimistic tone
— Spacious composition

People—in studio

This approach is reserved for photographing actual Citrix customers, partners, or employees. Don’t use stock photography for studio portraits.

Even in a controlled studio environment, the goal is to capture an authentic moment in time, evoking a true sense of an individual’s personality. Facial expressions should be natural, not stiff or overly serious, and backgrounds should be neutral.
(The examples below are stock imagery but successfully convey our studio style.)

— Approachable
— In the moment
— Natural
— Sincere


A flexible office space, out in the field, or even at home—the modern workplace can be anywhere. The places we feature in our photography go far beyond the sterile cubicle to those that are made possible when people work with Citrix technology.

The environment should feel natural, not staged or overly styled. It should be aspirational but also portray achievable habits for future workers.

— Natural light, unique composition
— Authentic subject matter
— Unique camera point of view
— Space around subject
— Modern work environment
— Simple, uncluttered image
— Interesting color range (depth of field)


When we work with Citrix technologies, we get space back in our lives—space to explore an infinite number of possibilities.

Our photography captures a range of activities that feel fresh and invigorating, like cycling, surfing, meditating, or visiting inspiring places. It conveys a sense of energy and lightness, symbolic of the freedom that Citrix makes possible.

— Outdoors, active
— Open space
— Natural daylight
— Editorial
— Different scale (relative to other photos)
— Clean, uncluttered composition
— Natural light
— Sense of space

Things to avoid

— Staged
— Fabricated situation
— Wide angle
— Fish eye
— Poor image quality
— Unnatural color balance


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Where are the downloads for this page?

If you don’t see a downloads tab next to “Guidelines” on this page, it’s because you’re not signed in! You can do so here. If you’re an external vendor and need access, have your Citrix contact complete this form.

Is Citrix photography available in multiple sizes?

Yes, you can download images at several resolutions from the Brand Assets image library. The index page for an image includes the file format, size, and dimensions. When you download the image, you are given the choice to download it at the original resolution or at a resolution suitable for a screen or print.

Where can I find out about usage rights?

You can find photography rights information on the image details page in the Brand Assets photo library. A grayed-back photograph indicates that the rights to the photo have expired.

Who do I contact to request new original photography?

If you are interested in organizing a photo shoot to create original photography, send us a note in the messenger window (blue button on the bottom right of the site).

I’m trying to purchase an image. How do I know if it aligns to our photography style?

Send us a note in the messenger window (blue button on the bottom right of the site) and we’ll be happy to review your image. Remember, our style feels authentic, yet aspirational, illustrating what it looks like to benefit from our products.

Which stock houses should I use if I need to purchase images?

We recommend Getty Images. Please share the details of your purchase with [email protected].com so we can add the photos to our collection for others to use. We also like hearing your suggestions for expanding our photo collection and content choices.

Is there an easy way to grab new photography for PowerPoint presentations?

We’ve included several predesigned pages with new photography in our PowerPoint template. We account for various executions, including PowerPoint, in our new photo library. If you have needs that the current library doesn’t account for, please send us a note in the messenger window (blue button on the bottom right of the site).

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