Using sound to create better experiences, authentic connection and emotional resonance 


The Citrix sonic identity enables us to deliver holistic brand experiences that express our personality while drawing on specific emotions to convey the right tone. It complements the other elements in our overall brand identity and can flex from expressive to recessive depending on where and how it’s used, such as video and product interfaces

Our partner
We partnered with sound artist Simon Pyke to co-create our sonic identity. Simon began his musical life in the mid-1990s, when he released his first exploratory electronic music under the name Freeform through record labels like Skam and Warp. In the intervening years, he launched sound design and music company Freefarm, scoring everything from virtual reality installations to large-scale events like Lighting of the Sails at the Sydney Opera House. In 2013, he began releasing music under his given name, starting with “Universal Everything & You,” a limited-edition picture disc released on Warp to accompany an installation of the same name at London’s Science Museum.

Sound principles

Our sonic identity is guided by three principles that stem from our overarching brand strategy and approach to design. Use these principles as the lens through which you create all sonic expressions and brand expressions using sound.  


Sounds human, personable, and authentic. Conveys empathy, humility, and warmth. 


Sounds emotive, ethereal, and calming. Communicates a sense of space and calm confidence.


Sounds dynamic, smart, and responsive. Adds personality. 


We use sound to both communicate and connect with our audiences. Sound is a helpful tool for conveying an idea or infusing emotion.  

Functional examples

Core brand moments, such as the logo build, add a layer of dimension for a more holistic experience while creating a sense of familiarity for our brand. 

In product interfaces, we can use sound to communicate information and enable users to intuitively learn through interaction. 

In podcasts, we use sound to enhance and support the content while helping the listener understand the value they’ll receive. 

Emotional examples

Sound design can express emotion and add personality and empathy to the brand experience. 

You can use brand expressions, like music, to support storytelling. When used with (or without) imagery, these expressive moments in our brand communication can elevate the narrative and capture emotion. Listen to the full album on this Spotify playlist.

Things to avoid

We are asking teams to not use free or cheap stock music sites, these tracks are overused by amateur content creators and we should be using royalty-free music. The prices on most sites range from $40-$100 and should come with a license that states how you can use the track.

We recommend that you use sites such as Premiumbeat, and when filtering through all the genres and moods we ask that you search for Ambient Corporate tracks or light electronics. Your track should match the same energy of the video and should never be too distracting or overpowering the person that is speaking.

If you have any questions and want to confirm that your selections meet brand standards prior to purchasing, please contact the brand team. 


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Can I create my own song? 

Before creating a song for your project, please consult with the Brand team. We work across teams to help ensure consistency among our collective sound representation. We also can help you choose a recommended vendor based on your budget. 

Can I use the “One Day” album for my event?

As we work to establish this new representation of our brand, the Brand team is evaluating all requests for use. This will ensure legal compliance as well as sound integrity.  If you’d like to use it in your materials, please send us a message. 

How can I pick the right sound? 

Start with figuring out the story and the mood of your video when picking the best sound selection. It’s normal to struggle with finding the best music. If you need assistance figuring out the right sound, message the Brand team.

Still have a question? Send us a message.