App Delivery and Security service

An automated, self-healing, application delivery service that orchestrates, manages and secures apps and APIs across multi-cloud. Editions:  Citrix Managed Self Managed Usage: Capitalize “Service” only when using title case. Do not add a hyphen in the edition names Acronym: CADS Usage: CADS CADS service CADS service – Self Managed CADS service – Citrix Managed


Automatic adjustment of server power based on usage, load, and peak times to optimize infrastructure, control costs, and ensure availability.

Azure Active Directory

A Microsoft identity and access management cloud solution with capabilities to manage users and groups.

Azure consumption funds

An optional fund that allows Citrix to manage Azure subscriptions for customers, in addition to their own Azure subscriptions, for single billing and Microsoft support.

app DNA

A term that has been used as a conceptual reference to mean an application’s metadata. Use metadata.

application folders

Folders for organizing applications. The groupings and folder names are displayed in the user interface for selection and displayed on the backend server as the folder hierarchy. Differs from categories, which are for assigning folders to groupings beyond their folder structure.

App Migration Service

A service that analyzes apps for migration. For example, it can analyze application .msi files for potential problems when upgrading an environment to Windows 10. This technology was formerly known as AppDNA Express.

Application Group

Application Groups define the users who may access a set of apps and the properties common to all of the apps in the group (such as prelaunch behavior and screen resolution). Each Delivery Group contains a default Application Group, and Application Groups can be linked to one or more Delivery Groups.

App Orchestration Zero Trust Agent

An agent that allows the App Orchestration configuration server to orchestrate resources in a domain to which it cannot directly connect or where configuring Active Directory trusts between the App Orchestration domain and the target orchestrated domain is not allowed. The Zero Trust Agent is also known as a domain agent.

application programming interface (API)

A set of standard commands, functions, protocols, and objects that programmers use to create software or interact with an external system.

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