Citrix App Delivery and Security service

An automated application delivery solution with a self-driving service to orchestrate, manage and secure your apps and APIs across multi-cloud.

Citrix Secure Private Access

Citrix Secure Private Access provides a zero trust approach to securely access corporate web, SaaS, and virtual applications. With advanced security controls for managed, unmanaged, and BYO devices, it’s ideal for IT and employees alike.

Citrix DaaS

A comprehensive Desktop as a Service solution optimized to provide secure hybrid work environments through easy-to-manage cloud desktop and app delivery.

Citrix Enterprise Browser

A first-of-its-kind browser which provides secure access to SaaS and internal web applications, while providing complete control for an admin to apply security restrictions at a granular and contextual level, as a transparent layer on top of an enhanced user experience. Previously named Citrix Workspace Browser. Usage: Do not use an acronym for Citrix Enterprise … Continued

cross-platform image portability

The ability to move machine catalog images wherever they are required, on any cloud platform or on-premises location.

Customer Success Services (CSS)

A support program designed to help customers achieve their business goals faster. Replaces Citrix software maintenance program and Citrix Subscription Advantage.

cyber security

A focus on protecting apps, programs, data, computers, devices, and networks from unintended or unauthorized access, change, or destruction.


Malicious acts and crimes committed on digital data and services. Mitigated through cyber security.

contextual access

Access provided according to the user’s situation, taking into consideration factors such as the user’s device, their network location, access policies, and security policies. It allows for the user’s smooth transition from one device and location to another.

contextual performance

The ability for IT to adjust performance of apps and data delivery according to the user’s situation, taking into account factors like device, location, data types, application types, and security policies.

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