Legacy Broker (IMA)

A deprecated term for Delivery Controller.

License Administration Console

A console for managing and monitoring Citrix licenses through a user interface to the License Server. It includes a dashboard of licenses and alerts, import license files, and License Server settings.

license file

A text file containing product licensing data such as license quantity, expiration dates, License Server identifier, and other system information. These files are stored on the Citrix License Server and encrypted with a digital signature. A license file can be used only by the license server identified in its data.

Linux dedicated VDI desktops

Desktops that are dedicated to run on RHEL, SUSE and CentOS Linux.

Linux hosted shared virtual desktops

RHEL, SUSE and CentOS Linux virtual desktops hosted and shared on Citrix architecture for high scalability and flexibility.

Linux published apps

Apps that can be deployed on multiple Linux operating systems, enabling secure on-demand access to Linux apps from any platform such as iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows from anywhere.

live migration

A feature of Citrix Hypervisor that allows the movement of a running virtual machine from one hypervisor to another with little or no service interruption. Replaces the deprecated term XenMotion.

Long Term Service Release (LTSR)

Long Term Service Releases (LTSR) are designed for large enterprise production environments where customers prefer to retain the same base version for an extended period without adding new functionality. LTSR provides regular access to fixes void of new functionality for predictable on-going maintenance.


Often used to mean starting a computer, machine, application, or program.

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