mindset-based persona

A fictional character, based on detailed research, that helps us understand the attitudes and organizational context of IT decision-makers and software users. They do not replace role-based personas, but rather augment them.

mixed-mode authentication

In SQL Server, an authentication mode that enables both Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication.

mobile app management (MAM)

Delivery and administration of enterprise app software to users’ corporate and personal mobile devices.

Mobile Apps SDK

An SDK exposing a set of APIs for using Citrix mobile app container technology. These APIs allow developers to add custom functionality such as security and policy enforcement. Replaces Citrix Worx App SDK.


A feature based on Citrix HDX technology and designed to give users a smooth, seamless experience when accessing multimedia content.

mobile productivity apps

Enterprise mobile apps offering IT a secure choice for their users’ email, web browsing, and remote access. Includes Citrix Secure Hub, Citrix Secure Mail, and Citrix Secure Web. Replaces XenMobile Apps.


A core product of Sanbolic, which was acquired by Citrix in January 2015. Software-defined storage with workload and infrastructure elasticity. Replaced by WorkspacePod.

multi-session OS

An operating system (OS) that supports running multiple sessions.

messaging source document (MSD)

A internal document communicating the messaging associated with a marketing plan.


A legacy brand name for early Citrix technologies for remote application access. This technology was included in later products like Citrix Presentation Server and XenApp.

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