management console

A graphical user interface designed to centralize management tasks for ease, visibility, and accessibility. Preferred over portal, control panel, utility, snap-in, management service, administration console.

management console for Citrix Hypervisor

A console for Citrix Hypervisor from which to deploy, manage, and monitor virtual machines from a Windows desktop.

management plane

A common operations, administration, and management platform. Citrix Cloud Services offers a complete management plane for the orchestration of access, delivery, and security of apps and data across any device, platform, or cloud.


[Avoid – Not an approved term.] An electronic interaction in which one device acts as the controller and initiates commands to which other devices respond or depend.

master account

[Avoid – Not an approved term.] A primary or main role in a hierarchy of account roles.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

A member of the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program, and part of the Azure resale program.

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