published web and SaaS apps

A feature that enables IT to select the best web browser for each web or SaaS app and securely deliver that app within that ideal browser to all users on any device, running any web browser.

Personal vDisk

Personal vDisks provide this separation by redirecting all changes made on the user’s VM to a separate disk (the personal vDisk), which is attached to the user’s VM. The content of the personal vDisk is blended at runtime with the content from the master image to provide a unified experience.

Provisioning Services farm

A group of Provisioning Services servers that share a single database to locate and match up virtual disks for target devices. The virtual disks run on shared storage devices within the farm.

Product Manager (PM)

Someone who has responsibility for the development roadmap of a product. This person typically defines the reasons for product features and the high level requirements of what the engineering team will be asked to build.

proximity authentication

An authentication mode, via Bluetooth, triggered when a user’s mobile device comes within range of a device, and a specified app or desktop launches with the user’s credentials.

Product Marketing Manager (PMM)

Someone who has responsibility for marketing of a product.

proxy delivery controller

In a satellite zone of a multi-zone configuration, a controller component that communicates with the delivery controller in the primary zone. Delivery controllers usually communicate directly with the site database, but a proxy delivery controller communicates through the delivery controller in the primary zone.

product overview

A content type for providing a high level product definition and major benefits. May include important use cases to convery what the product does and how customers use it.


The act of making apps, desktops, or other services display as available to users or subscribers. After an app is installed on a server or in the cloud, an additional act of publishing might be needed to list it among available apps for end users to select.

product requirements document (PRD)

A list of required capabilities and features for planning a product’s development.

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