published app redirection

The ability to initiate a connection to a published app through a locally stored ICA file. This extends the Local App Access capabilities to include published apps, as if they are local, with the benefit of reducing latency and providing easier consolidation of apps into the user’s virtual or published desktop.

Production Farm

A deprecated term for a XenApp and XenDesktop Site. Do not use for site.

productivity apps

Apps for business and work information, typically including word processing documents, email, collaboration, presentations, worksheets, spreadsheets, databases, charts, and graphs.

Presentation Server

A legacy brand name for the technology that was previously known as MetaFrame and later advanced into a next generation as XenApp.

profile management

A profile technology installed on each computer with profiles to be managed. Administrators can use Active Directory Group Policy Objects to control how Citrix user profiles behave. Legacy references include User Profile Management (UPM).


A limited version of a product released to a special audience before the official launch. A preview is stable and provides a good overview of the full release but may not have all planned features in place. Use as a label for an early product release.

proof of concept

A demonstration, prototype, or use of a product with the purpose of testing and verifying its real-world application. Customers use them to test for their unique requirements and integrations. Some customers use the proof of concept as a staged preparation of their post-purchase environment.

privileged workspace

Refers to a use case for workspaces that provide business applications, software, and access for highly privileged workers and teams such as IT administrators and auditors. Characteristics might include zero trust, situational awareness, and appropriate risk with dynamic resource delivery management.

protected health information (PHI)

Individually identifiable health information that is subject to state and federal privacy and security rules including, but not limited to, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

proactive support

A model of customer support that is provided as soon as analytics or notifications indicate that there is an issue, rather than a slower, reactive model that responds only after a customer reports a problem.

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