A display technology allowing graphics generated on one machine to be transmitted remotely, typically across a network, to another machine for display. Various names were used for this feature, including Thinwire Compatibility, Thinwire Plus, and Thinwire+.

tools for Citrix Hypervisor

High performance Windows drivers and a management agent that are installed on Citrix Hypervisor virtual machines to enhance disk and network performance. Deprecated names have included XenTools and XenServer Tools.


Do not use for “tool stack”. Preferred term: tool stack

transition trade up (TTU)

A sales motion that transitions existing perpetual licenses to cloud services subscription-based licensing. Generally, transition refers to the movement to cloud services from on-premises, and trade-up is the matching of the appropriate licensing tier among cloud services for the value addition of the service.

TriScale, TriScale2

App delivery controller technology that scales capacity up, in, or out as needed, plus the addition of pooled capacity.

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