VM hosted apps

The delivery of virtual apps from a desktop operating system. VM hosted apps ease Windows OS transitions and overcome application compatibility challenges.


A legacy Citrix product, consisting of a single virtual appliance providing all of the functionality needed to create, provision, manage, and load balance virtual desktops. With built-in connection broker, load balancer, user manager, and desktop provisioning server.

VMware vTax

A nickname given to a licensing change for VMware vSphere 5.0 in which users were made to purchase additional licenses if their vRAM use exceeded a licensed pool. VMware has since rescinded the licensing model.

virtual client computing (VCC)

A client-computing model that takes advantage of various software and virtualization solutions, such as desktop virtualization, to overcome the limitations of traditional distributed desktop environments.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of an analog phone line.

virtual cloud

Can refer to a virtual private cloud, off-premises virtualization, an on-premises cloud, or other concepts.


Virtual server. The term is a code command that is commonly used mistakenly for the general meaning of virtual server.

virtual data room (VDR)

A virtual room with advanced data security for storing and sharing confidential documents. The VDR simplifies management for sensitive documents. Capabilities include access permissions for individual users, alerts and notifications about who is seeing which files and when, view-only permissions, watermarking, print-view to control print access, comprehensive audit logs, and click trails.


A virtual switch. A software program that allows one virtual machine (VM) to communicate with another, intelligently directing communication on the network by inspecting packets before passing them on.

Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)

A software agent that enables connections to applications and desktops and which is installed on the machine that runs the applications or desktops for the user. It enables the machines to register with delivery controllers and manage the high definition experience (HDX) connection to a user device. Legacy versions were called Virtual Desktop Agent.

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