XenServer Tools

High performance Windows drivers and a management agent, enhancing disk and network performance for XenServer virtual machines. Has been replaced by “tools for Citrix Hypervisor.”


Legacy product line providing enterprise mobility management with mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MDM).


A technology that was later integrated into XenServer.

XenMobile agent

The software underlying Secure Hub (formerly Worx Home). Users install it on their devices to enroll in device management, and enable communication between the device and the device management administration.


An unofficial term previously used for features of Citrix Hypervisor. Do not use.

XenMobile Apps

A suite of Citrix mobile apps, including email, which can be wrapped with the MDX Toolkit and then deployed through Citrix Endpoint Management or Citrix Workspace.

XML Broker

A deprecated term for Delivery Controller.

XenMobile console

A management console for administrators of Citrix mobility and endpoint management software. Available as a web console.

XenMobile Mail Manager

A component of Citrix Endpoint Management that connects to a Microsoft Exchange or Blackberry server to extend the capabilities for dynamic access control, partnership information, and EAS Wipe for Exchange Active Sync (EAS) devices.

XenMobile NetScaler Connector

A connector that provides a device-level authorization service of ActiveSync clients, acting as a reverse proxy for the Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

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