A mobile device management company acquired by Citrix in 2013. The acquired technology was integrated into various later products.

zero trust

A security approach that secures data, machines, systems, and identities on the network from everyone – including internal employees, unless they have been given overt, pro-active access authorization.

zero trust network access (ZTNA)

An approach to network access that replaces traditional approaches that gave excessive trust to employees and partners to connect and collaborate on a network. It requires that specific access be given to resources instead of granting blanket access to resources once the employee or partner is on a network.

zero-day attack

A software flaw that is known to the software vendor but doesn’t yet have a public patch in place, having the potential to be exploited by cyber criminals.

zero-touch deployment

Deploying software, virtual machines, or appliances without the need for physical, hands-on intervention. An example is when IT staff remotely deploy virtual SD-WAN appliances to customer branch locations, removing the need for local IT staff to visit each branch.


A collection of virtual desktops located in a regional data center or a branch office. A zone always includes VDAs and can optionally also include a database, a controller, or a machine running Studio.

zone preference

The context-aware delivery of apps and desktops based on criteria such as where the user is currently connecting from, what data center the app resides in, or the location of the user profile.

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