What is available now?

Wrike technology is not yet integrated into Citrix Workspace. Today, customers can purchase standalone Wrike solutions and deliver them through Citrix Workspace—just like they would with any other SaaS application.

What customer value will this deliver?

Citrix’s digital workspace infrastructure empowers IT organizations to securely deliver all the work resources employees need in one unified experience. Wrike provides a collaborative work management solution that helps our customers organize, automate, and streamline work and collaboration securely across any app, device, or location. For IT, Citrix Workspace and Wrike are critical for helping … Continued

Is there Citrix and Wrike logo lockup?

No. See the do’s and don’ts above for creative guidance.

How do I describe Wrike?

Wrike, a Citrix company

Why Wrike?

Citrix and Wrike are committed to the same mission—to remove the complexity of today’s hybrid and distributed work environment so organizations and teams can perform at their best. The addition of Wrike’s cloud-delivered capabilities will accelerate Citrix’s business model transition to the cloud, and the combined company will offer customers an enhanced value proposition of … Continued

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