What about my service or capability?

At this time services and capabilities are not included in this. If you have any questions, please reach out to Brand. 

How do I request to use a Matt Blease illustration?

Please complete our intake form that you can find here. Select “Illustration use request” in the Brand Project category field. We review new requests on Tuesdays.

Are we still using the Matt Blease illustrations?

Yes, however, those illustrations are reserved for brand advertising, product-agnostic social posts, and high-profile Citrix events. Their content is usually focused on big-picture concepts related to the Citrix story. If you’d like to use a Blease illustration. You can complete a request here.

Where are the downloads for this page?

If you don’t see a downloads tab next to “Guidelines” on this page, it’s because you’re not signed in! You can do so here. If you’re an external vendor and need access, have your Citrix contact complete this form.

Where can I get brand training?

For employees, Brand training can be found on the Citrix Learning Center. For 3Ps and external vendors, please go to the Tools section.

How often will this site be updated?

We will continue to iterate and update this site regularly through the rest of 2020 and into 2021 as we build new pages, assets, templates, and other resources. We will also tweak content and functionality as needed. Large changes will trigger internal communications and will be mentioned during our vendor office hours. Please let us … Continued

Who manages this site?

The Brand Creative Strategy and Education team manages this site. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please send us a note in the messenger window (blue button on the bottom right of the site).

How do I know what’s new?

We post recent changes and additions in the “What’s new” section on the Brand Hub homepage.

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