What is the difference between an icon and a logo?

A logo is a recognizable symbol primarily used to represent a business or an organization. A logo must be immediately associated with the organization it represents and is a graphical signifier of the company’s brand using images, text, or both.   Icons are commonly used in applications to represent something an application does. Icons show … Continued

Can I request a new icon to represent a Citrix concept or vertical?

Yes, please contact us at [email protected]

Where can I find iconography?

We have licensed the universally available Streamline icons as our primary set. It is also the same icon library used by our Product team for various applications, including interface and navigation. You’ll find primarily the Streamline Light icons in the downloads tab on the Iconography page.

Can I create my own icon?

We prefer that you do not create your own icon so we can maintain consistency of our identity system. If you need an icon that isn’t available, send us a note in the messenger (blue button in the bottom right of the site).

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